1. A new modern foyer contrasts and respects the traditional renovated antique barn, the heart of the property, with its new fireplace, windows and doors, cladding and skylight.
2. The new pool house and gym are modern and mix natural cedar with stucco, the material palette of the site interventions, and are intentionally situated at the edge of the property.
3. A sunken courtyard between two modern boxes, the stucco artist's studio and cedar garage, negotiate the lower elevation of the driveway with the higher elevation of the house.
4. The new arbor with a fireplace on axis with the pool and the original L-shaped house define a private outdoor courtyard adjacent to the kitchen, living room and master suite.
5. The artist's studio is both a building and a stucco garden wall, enveloped in Boston Ivy, that screens the landscaped oasis from the driveway and defines the south-facing lawn.
6. Simple plywood walls clad the studio, which is an elemental box, simply constructed, with sixteen-foot high ceilings and exposed concrete floors.
7. The studio is illuminated by a series of rectangular skylights, fluorescent, and spot lights, complemented by natural light from a window placed to frame a view of an existing tree.
8. An operable glass garage door provides light and service access to the driveway.
9. A stair to the mezzanine provides access to a new bedroom suite.
10. The timber structure of the antique barn is subtly reinforced with steel clips and tie rods.
11. The new steel and glass entry foyer redefines the entry sequence to the house.
12. The raised mezzanine affords better flow from the living room to the kitchen.
13. New windows in the expanded and renovated kitchen face south and west to the pool, arbor and open lawn, and a new skylight adds warm north light.
14. An original wood window was retained in the dining area adjacent to the kitchen to respect the history and patina of the antique barn.
15. The master plan, approached as a “campus’, situates new modern structures at the edge of the property, around the antique barn main house and the new landscape.
16. New interventions and additions transform the existing house.
17. Two small bedrooms are combined to create a private suite on the second floor.