1. The renovated galleries of ArtSpace, a community-based organization, inhabit the ground floor of an historic New Haven building and anchor redevelopment in the downtown district.
2. The supergraphic "ArtSpace" identifies the institution at the building and neighborhood scales. The original Chamberlain Building sign and terra cotta details are restored.
3. New stadium benches and sculptural bicycle racks engage the community.
4. An applied detail in the original historic building color is attached to modern aluminum windows.
5. Current exhibitions are shown on a rear-projection screen in the window. Restored leaded glass is backlit.
6. New modern aluminum and glass windows and doors, off-the-shelf fluorescent up-lights, simple adjustable down lights, and painted plywood floors contribute to the elemental loft feel.
7. The partitions that define the gallery and community event spaces are not floor-to-ceiling to feel more open and loft-like. All of the mechanical systems are designed to be exposed.
8. The east elevation supergraphic "Art" relates to the iconography on the long facade. The entire building was painted to contribute to the street and anchor the neighborhood.
9. Administrative offices, "flat-file" display room, special projects room, and a corner lounge open to the street and the community. The main gallery is away from light and direct view.
10. ArtSpace's diverse activities are situated along large open windows and the restored original entrance.
11. This template of the supergraphic was used by local artists to hand paint the sign, and designed to ensure the sans-serif letters have good relationships to the windows.