1. The new computer-milled medallions on the double-height living room walls interpret the original (and restored) barrel-vaulted coffered ceiling pattern of circles and octagons.
2. The circular and octagonal medallions decrease in size to mediate between the scale of the large volume and touchable, human scale of the art and decorative objects at eye level.
3. Original doors separate the foyer and staircase from the large living room, which is divided into areas for working and sitting, unified by one long narrow colorful antique rug.
4. Dark wood floors recede and ground the floating medallions. Intentional pops of color integrate the rug, chairs, art and accessories, and undercut the grandeur of the space.
5. A door with original windows and pediment detail opens to an iron balcony to the street and treetops. Standing lamps that glow and shine upwards illuminate the large volume.
6. The wall medallions are lacquered white to match the wall color, but with a gloss finish to capture subtle reflections of light and contrast the matte wall finish.
7. The traditional millwork in the study, painted a warm off-white, contrasts the crisp modern medallion pattern in the living room.
8. A pair of doors with an outdoor terrace looks onto the street corner, garden below, and evening sunset light to the west.
9. Open shelves in the kitchen make the space feel larger, and a mix of stainless steel, glass, stone, wood and tile give the small room character with the subtle diverse palette.
10. Traditional millwork, with details similar to downstairs, conceals closets and contrasts the precision and sheen of white lacquered, computer-milled shapes applied to the bedroom wall.
11. The shape of the void between the circles and octagons in the original living room coffered ceiling becomes the primary figure of the applied panels in the bedroom.
12. The front door looks axially through the double height living room to a door with balcony and a two story wall of windows with southern exposure.
13. The medallions decrease in size and density as they descend from the coffered ceiling to transition from the grand coffered ceiling to the scale of decorative objects.
14. Each of the individual components of the wall medallions are computer milled and keyed on this template for simple installation and to ensure proper spacing.