1. An iconographic billboard sign, made from computer-cut "alucobond", identifies the School and the neighborhood, expresses pride of place, and creates a gateway to the addition.
2. Alternating white and green brick read subtly from a distance at the back of the addition, and large vinyl letters in the windows read across the School play fields from the main street.
3. White brick relates to the white concrete of the existing 1960s School beyond. The clerestory windows of the new gym continue the datum of the existing roof.
4. The details of the aluminum windows, fascia, gutters and leaders are crisp and modern. Gold lettering matches the painted decorative band that wraps entire roof of the building.
5. A continuous vertical band of white hammered brick articulates the joint between two patterns of cheerful green glazed green brick with white brick bands in different planes.
6. A secure playground, the "Kinder-garden", is defined by the addition and the existing School, and connected to the elliptical lobby, clad in galvanized metal.
7. Different densities of green and white brick articulate the corner planes of the building. Low windows are at kid's eye level to engage the street from inside.
8. A large window engages the classroom with the outdoors, and a glass entrance separates the multi-purpose from the classrooms.
9. The addition is a simple, practical, shed-like form, with a pitched galvanized metal roof, inflection at the entrance corner, and a slight projection to express the elliptical lobby.
10. The L-shaped addition and the existing Police substation define a courtyard, landscaped with an elliptical garden that mirrors the elliptical lobby.
11. The light, airy addition intentionally contrasts the existing windowless gray School, and the rear facade completes the edge of the play fields.
12. The form of the elliptical lobby references important civic spaces in New Haven and connects the west entrance, classrooms, and multi-purpose room to the existing School.
13. The classrooms are bathed in light and engage both streets and two landscaped courtyards. Vintage modern desks and colorful stacking chairs brighten the space.
14. Gym mats are hung for storage and create decorative wainscoting on walls in the gym/community multi-purpose room and complement the gray wall acoustical panels.
15. A perforated metal ceiling with fluorescent light behind glows at night.
16. The large classroom window engages the street and elliptical landscaped garden.
17. The gym floor alternates colors at five foot intervals for organizing sports and events.
18. Roof drains/leaders create a regular pattern that mediates the scale of entire facade and the super-graphic signage, human-scaled doors, and the refined and tactile brick patterns.
19. The "seersucker" brick pattern reads differently from various distances.
20. The evening glow through large expanses of windows invites the community in for after-School events, and the shiny surfaces of the billboard captures light.
21. Simple L-shaped planes of the green and white brick, windows, and the sign, interlock to create a bold modern composition. A regular pattern of small windows unifies the facade.
22. The windows are flat and the roof fascia tight and modern.
23. Large steel doors open the multi-purpose room, defined by inexpensive corrugated metal, to the stone dust courtyard for community events.
24. Three distinct outdoor rooms are created by the L-shaped addition and proximity to existing school and Police substation, and the addition defines the edge of the ball fields.
25. The elliptical lobby is the connection between the new addition and the existing School. The west entrance is a forced perspective to invite the community in from the street.
26. The window patterns around the "Kinder-garden" courtyard relates to the pattern of openings at the existing School to weave the new and old.