1. Greenhouse, Studio and Archive Building from approach
2. Greenhouse, Studio and Archive Building from pond
3. Archive Building, Studio and Greenhouse arrival
4. Archive building
5. Archive Building from field
6. Archive Building and Studio relationship
7. Archive Building long elevation
8. Archive Building block detail and reflection of Catskills
9. 13-foot custom steel and galvanized metal door at Archive Building
10. Archive Building interior on axis with mountain peak
11. Archive Building interior with 13-foot door
12. Studio courtyard side on axis
13. Studio courtyard side oblique
14. 14-foot Studio doors with artist Peter Nadin for scale
15. Greenhouse approach
16. Space between Studio and Greenhouse with Catskills beyond
17. Studio interior
18. Studio interior and light from 14-foot doors
19. Studio axis with Catskills
20. Hemlock wood scissor truss structure
21. Greenhouse interior
22. Greenhouse structure detail
23. Meditation Tower near Studio complex
24. Main House
25. Pottery studio at Main House
26. Old Field Farm sign at equipment shed and garage
27. Old Field Farm van
28. Goat House and Farm Office
29. One of Farm gardens
30. Path between Main House and Studio complex
31. Smoker building
32. Bee Hut and tractor
33. The design of the 160-acre site is a "campus" for both farming and creating art. Originally settled in 1784, it is divided into three areas, connected by a series of paths and drives.
34. The site plan of the Studio compound is organized for the best light and views. The Archive Building defines an entry courtyard on the forest side structures.
35. Each building is inspired by local farm vernacular, with basic elements and materials, but uniquely combines them so that all three structures are distinct and original.