1. The covered patio and pool house, axially arranged with the lap pool and garage, are pulled apart from the main house to define outdoor rooms.
2. The living room projects into the pool, integral to the house.
3. Custom steel windows with very thin mullions are organized in large panes on a rigorous repetitive module with familiar historic proportion and industrial references.
4. Eclectic, timeless objects are illuminated inside the steel and glass box.
5. Careful analysis determined the overhang dimensions so that passive solar warms the house in the winter but prevents sun from reaching inside during the summer.
6. Stucco walls and piers, intentionally aged with patina, weave throughout the property and inside the house. Mahogany fascias and custom steel scuppers unify the structures.
7. The house is nestled on a one-acre lot between existing specimen trees. A simple bed of Heuchera with contrasting color defines outdoor space between the bedroom wing and patio.
8. A series of stucco piers, some chimneys and some storage, unify the buildings.
9. The expansive, well proportioned living room, with twelve-and-one-half foot ceilings.
10. Exposed steel columns and beams are both structure and decoration and establish order.
11. Floating wall panels, supported by tapered steel columns and covered in William Morris wallpaper, define rooms but retain a modern loft feel. The L-shaped house defines the patio.
12. The study opens to a natural landscape at the back of the house.
13. Decoupage cabinets with French botanical prints, antique farm sink with brass faucet, antique crystal chandelier, and salvaged marble island top are intentionally anachronistic.
14. The windows connect inside and outside, yet provide a cozy enclosure year round.
15. The windows separate from the structure to open the corner.
16. Wood floors and mahogany details warm the bathrooms.
17. An antique porcelain kitchen farm sink with built-in drain board in the bathroom.
18. Chenille curtains with block-out layer control the light, and soften and unify the rooms.
19. A mix of old and new objects and art provide warmth in the modern context.
20. A pink Eames chair custom made for Mary Kay livens the study.
21. Plan. House and pool are sited to get south sun all day long. Garage, pool house, patio are pulled apart to define outdoor rooms connected by stucco walls that weave in and out.