1. Exterior before of eight-unit lime-green building. After with new brownstone stoop, restored brick, and windows.
2. The visible front windows of the dormers are historic, but the non-visible top and sides are glass. The large central skylight wraps the top and face of exposed steel structure.
3. A steel and glass block mezzanine floats in the living room and illuminates the study below. Twelve-foot mahogany windows with non-reflective glass look onto Gramercy Park.
4. The three-story steel, glass and travertine stair has a large skylight above that brings south light to all three floors, and connects to the study, foyer and terrace beyond.
5. Each landing of the stair floats away from the wall of mahogany paneling.
6. An existing dormer was transformed into a glass room with views north across Gramercy Park. A traditional window frames treetop views and the glass ceiling affords sky views.
7. A slightly tinted screen was applied to glass panels between steel railing posts and exposed steel structure to provide a level of detail and interest to the stair railing pattern.
8. The mezzanine structure is exposed to break up the scale of the study alcove. Light from the glass dormer above reflects on the warm travertine floor.
9. The mahogany paneled fireplace wall flows from the dining room to the living room and third floor. The last steps of the stair rotate to engage the view through windows beyond.
10. Full-height mahogany doors and windows open from the kitchen and casual dining area to the outdoor terrace and also south onto the rear garden and fountain below.
11. Cedar-clad walls on terraces off of the first and second floor, visible from a wall of glass on the third floor, unify the outdoor spaces.
12. The floor-to-ceiling mahogany windows and sliding doors have large scale panes of glass with a historical proportion that make them both modern and traditional.
13. The wall of windows in the guest bedroom suite at the top floor looks across adjacent buildings to cityscape views with abundant south light.
14. Double-hung mahogany windows with matching casing and built-in radiator covers look onto Gramercy Park in the master bedroom suite on the second floor of the triplex.
15. An elevator, a stair to the common foyer, bathrooms and storage create a service wall along west edge of twenty-five foot wide townhouse that steps back to the south for light.
16. The central floating stair with large skylight above brings south light to living room and a wall of glass windows opens to private terrace off of the foyer and the study.
17. The three-story stair arrives at the study mezzanine that overlooks the two-story living room and Gramercy Park, with final steps to a guest suite and office on the top floor.