1. A tall natural stucco garden wall connects a free-standing gym, main house and covered patio, and defines the landscape that includes a 25-meter lap pool and pool house.
2. A grove of Birch trees in the entry courtyard frames the patio and pool axis through an opening in the garden wall. The pool house beyond defines the far edge of the oasis.
3. Consistent window patterns, mahogany fascia, and stucco unify the collection of separate structures, organized on the 20-acre "campus" to break down the scale of the large house.
4. The entire south facade opens up to the landscape and provides the light and air of modern indoor/outdoor living with a lacy sense of enclosure for cozy year-round use.
5. The gym is nestled at the corner of two garden walls, with openings that frame landscape vistas, and define the manicured landscape carved out of the existing native forest.
6. Fourteen-foot-high walls of deep brown steel windows and doors, rich mahogany fascia and sandy stucco walls engage the landscape palette. The house is modern yet warm.
7. The "campus" of structures, including the pool house and spa, extend into the landscape, draw eyes across the property, and define outdoor rooms with articulated gardens.
8. The L-shaped house has an open glass foyer at the corner that connects public and private areas. Layers of space inside reveal vintage modern furniture and chandeliers.
9. The space between the main house and garage defines an entry vestibule, concealed by a rich mahogany wall. The family room window subtly engages the house with the approach.
10. Special existing trees were saved and provide shade on the modest lawn, which requires minimal maintenance, and is defined by the pool edge and the natural forest beyond.
11. Pairs of steel and glass doors to the patio and lawn open up the entire south elevation and glide with a graceful ritual. Warm travertine floors continue from inside to outside.
12. Expanses of windows engage the landscape. Elegant yet casual vintage modern furniture and an antique rug define the living room, and curtains soften the space and control the sun.
13. Exposed steel structure provides order and mediates the scale of the windows and large volumes with fourteen-foot ceilings in the living room, bar and dining room beyond.
14. From the dining room, the pool house and pool, intentionally to the side out of primary view, draw eyes across the property, and define the outer boundary of the landscaped oasis.
15. Seashell and mother pearl kitchen cabinets relate to Hamptons beaches.
16. A custom tile pattern in the color palette of the bedroom and wide-plank mahogany warm the master bathroom.
17. Each bedroom suite has a specific color theme, with wallpaper and custom tile patterns that relate to a seasonal series of cutting gardens outside between the house and the forest.
18. The tennis court is sunken and out of view from the house on the gently sloping site.
19. The "campus" of structures weaves from north to south through the property and defines series of outdoor spaces.
20. The height and scale of each zone of the house vary, with steps up from the living areas to the master bedroom suite, and up further to the bedroom and family room wing.