1. The bedroom wing shifts from the living room toward western sunset views and to create privacy from the rest of the house. The four-acre site is the highest point on Shelter Island.
2. A new steel and glass living room and master suite/guest suite connects to the existing cottage through a new foyer with roof deck. They step up to follow the natural topography.
3. Two new pitched roof volumes intersect, and the foyer transitions to the existing traditional house. Planes of natural stucco and steel and glass are juxtaposed in a rigorous composition.
4. Large corner windows bring in south light to the living room, bedroom suites, and lower level bedroom and game room.
5. The light steel and glass corners, flat mullions, and thin edge on the roof express the modernity of the house.
6. The 23-foot gabled end of the living room is all glass.
7. The top of the stair to master suite looks onto the living room.
8. The windows turn both corners for expansive water views.
9. The master bedroom looks northwest to bay and sunset views. The delicate steel windows are as thin as possible and float in front of exposed structural columns and beams.
10. Large windows in the loft-like master bathroom suite face south to existing trees.
11. The proportion of the original wood window panes in a guest bathroom inspired the proportion of the new large glass and steel panes.
12. The dining room occupies the former living and dining room, now an appropriate size for a family house, and opens to an enclosed porch for casual dining at the water’s edge.
13. The new kitchen retains the character of the rustic cottage.
14. A new custom banquette, table and chairs tuck into the enclosed porch.
15. Every position in the house has natural light and generous water vistas.
16. A pair of steel and glass doors is on axis with the new front door.
17. Antique porcelain sink with built-in basins and Murano mirror enrich the new powder room.
18. The additions stretch the house along the waterfront bluff and the last one inflects to the west. Each wing and the connecting foyer/roof deck are distinct, articulated forms.
19. The existing cottage is reconfigured for three proper kids’ rooms, expanded kitchen, and casual dining areas. An outdoor room is defined by the existing house and new additions.
20. The second floor master suite is at a far end of the house for privacy from a large guest suite on the second floor of the existing cottage. A nautical spiral stair accesses a roof deck.