1. Plexiglass sheets pulled in tension create convex and concave shapes that reference eyewear lenses, and are arranged in an S-shaped curve to draw visitors through the space.
2. Fold-down displays, on hydraulic hinges in a warm caramel-colored high-density board curved wall, become desks for off-site salespeople to meet in the multi-purpose hallway.
3. The S-curved plexiglass wall breaks along the way for a small conference room. The curved caramel-colored wall (with displays closed) conceals a conference room behind.
4. The concave and convex "lenses" capture and reflect light in different ways. The fold-down desks are custom-sized and designed to fit special eyeglass display trays.
5. Translucent "lens" panels reveal shadows of colleagues at work stations behind the wall, as well as the patterns of cable and pulley systems that structure the fluid plexiglass shapes.
6. Regularly spaced doors in the conference room open up to the main gallery space.
7. Pulleys tighten cables to form concave or convex shapes from plexiglass sheets.
8. The fold-down tables with hydraulic glides and exposed hinges express the attention to detail consistent with Robert Marc eyewear.
9. Off-the-shelf hardware is carefully chosen for economy, function, beauty, and the inherent nature of the materials.
10. A pair of bolts in the corners of the plexiglass lenses are inspired by Robert Marc's signature hinge.
11. Anchors are imbedded in the existing concrete floors, finished with an amber wax. Pulleys allow the cables to tighten to establish the exact curvature of each plexiglass panel.
12. The "lens" separates the multi-purpose hall from work stations and the "arc" defines the conference room with four doors that open to gallery/hall for special events.
13. Two plexiglass panels work in parallel with rigid top and bottom connections and cables in an x-pattern, which pull the corners of the flat sheets to achieve the desired curvature.
14. Many different methods and materials were tested to achieve the dynamic curves, including plywood which is not elastic enough and too brittle.