1. Salvaged antique wood paneling and floor-to-ceiling curtains frame the original bow window of the limestone mansion, with oblique views to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
2. The apartment is an essay on wall treatments and fabrication techniques.
3. The computer-milled paneling allows a precise level of detail and no joints.
4. The computer-milled lattice frame floats lightly in front of the wallpaper.
5. The laser-cut three-dimensional wallpaper pattern is an abstraction of the Cole and Sons paper, fabricated in panels like a wallpaper repeat, made off site, and clipped to the wall.
6. Precise computer-milled lacquered paneling inspired by old libraries covers one wall of the living room, and Cole and Sons Wallpaper overlaid with computer-milled lattice covers another.
7. The antique wallpaper is fully revealed on the fireplace wall with a salvaged oak mantle. A high baseboard unites the three paneled, latticed and wallpapered walls in the living room.
8. A cased opening to the foyer breaks the lattice pattern.
9. The large living room has separate zones for dining, seating and working.
10. The lacquered white paneling provides texture and richness.
11. Art sits casually on a side table, rather than hang on the paneling. Modern sculptural standing lamps and chandeliers inhabit the large living room volume.
12. Gray porcelain enamel in the kitchen trimmed in polished chrome conceals all appliances.
13. The laser-cut three-dimensional wallpaper lacquered in a rich gold brightens the corridor and compliments the white computer-milled paneling that conceals closets and storage.
14. The paneling and wallpaper from the living room flow into the bedroom and extrude to become built-in storage.
15. The large twenty-five foot wide living room is loft-like with separate furniture arrangements that moderate the scale of the room.
16. The continuity of the gridded paneling pattern from the living room to the bedroom complements the laser-cut three-dimensional wallpaper on the opposite wall.
17. The details of the laser-cut wallpaper and computer milled paneling were developed in files sent directly to the mill shop for fast and efficient "pre-fabrication" and installation.